About Us Casa Aquatica

About Us

Casa Aquatica is a leading company in Indonesia specialized in exporting and produce several kind of natural decorations for aquarium, terrarium and even garden since 2018.

Our products range is composed by a rich catalog of driftwoods, roots, bonsai, hardscape for aquascaping, ornamental stones for aquarium, terrarium and garden, coconut decoration products and even coir. No matter what are you looking for Casa Aquatica has it!

Our Product

We offer a variety of high quality products and equipment to meet all your aquarium maintenance needs. From small to large aquariums, to a variety of decorative accessories, we have everything you need to create and maintain the aquarium of your dreams.

High Quality Material
Healthy livestock
Professional work
azalea root
Cocopeat Block Exporter

Cocopeat Block Exporter

Premium Cocopeat Blocks for export. Sustainable, high-quality, and perfect for healthy plant growth. Choose eco-friendly gardening solutions.

stones casa aquatica New 2023

Aquarium Stones Manufacturer

Enhance your tank’s beauty with our exquisite collection. Create a captivating underwater environment effortlessly.

Exporter Driftwood Aquarium

Exporter Driftwood Aquarium

Natural Driftwood Aquarium Decor. Enhance your tank with authentic, hand-selected driftwood. Create a stunning underwater landscape.

coconut bamboo

Decoration Coconut – Bamboo

Natural elegance meets sustainability. Enhance your space with eco-friendly cocopeat and coconut accents.